Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to prepare for a bathroom renovation?

Firstly we recommend having a look on the internet or Pinterest and finding some elements of bathrooms that you like. Following this, we can come and quote your space and give advice for the area, and make an adjustment to fit your budget. When it comes time for the renovation we recommend removing all your personal belongings. We cover the areas as best we can around where we are working but renovating is still dusty.

Firstly we strip out the old bathroom- This is the dusty part. We do our best to keep the mess and noise to a minimum however you can expect this to be one of the most disruptive times during the renovation, however it usually only takes a day or two.

Redo plumbing and electrical- what you might hear is “the rough in”. We have licensed and accredited Electricians and Plumbers that come and prepare the new design of the bathroom and move any electrical or plumbing.

Waterproof – We then waterproof your wet areas, an essential and crucial part of your renovation, to provide you with a quality bathroom that will last for many years to come.

Screed- This provides a smooth, level base for the tiling.

Tile– We then start to tile, this can take a few days depending on the design, but it certainly starts to get exciting when your bathroom starts to take shape.

Grout and silicon- We are really starting to take shape now. Grout and silicon are also something that you will be able to provide input and pick your colours or allow our team to assist you.

Fixtures- Our Electricians and Plumbers will return to place in baths, shower heads, taps, vanity, and lights.

Shower screen- We use trained Glaziers to provide your selected shower screen. At times there can be a delay with this step as they often have to be made to order, but the team does their best to keep it to a minimum.

Clean – We pride ourselves on providing a final clean and last check of our work. We understand trades often have a reputation for leaving things in disarray. We want you to feel total satisfaction with your renovation and believe that the final check over is just as important.

And the fun bit Photos! We love seeing happy customers and beautiful bathrooms. On the final check over we will often bring a few styling pieces to take some photos. We remove any personal belongings and keep your privacy.

How long does a bathroom renovation take?

Typically a bathroom renovation will take anywhere between 2- 5 weeks on the average bathroom but this is depending on the individual design and needs of each space. We understand that it can be a difficult time to live without a bathroom so do our best to keep the timeframe to a minimum. We will continue to keep you updated with the progress thought out your renovation.

Who purchases the tiles and fixtures?

We are happy to guide you but we understand that having your bathroom renovated is something you have had on your bucket list for a while, So we let you do all the fun things and pick the fixtures that suit your personal style, If this is something you rather not do, or on a tight budget we can provide a quote.

How do I keep costs to a minimum?

A dream bathroom is an ultimate luxury and usually falls on the premium end of the spectrum when it comes to budgeting. Discuss with our team what you are hoping to achieve with your renovation and your budget will help you assess what is realistic and achievable. Minimizing structural changes such as changing the door position or windows and reducing any major changes in plumbing will help to cut costs. We pride ourselves on providing quality work that will last you for many years to come. This is why we stress the point of never cutting corners. This will only lead to future problems, including leaking showers, waterproof seals breaking, and tiling giving way, to name just a few.

I need some help with design?

Check out our design page for tips and tricks.